You came to this page to see what we are all about.  We are all about YOU!  Posey First has been doing that since 2001 and will continue to keep you the focus of our attention.

The Posey First team (Abstractors, Landmen, ROW Agents) loves the Oil and Gas business and strives to improve who we are and what we do by:

  • AAPL & HAPL seminars
  • Networking
  • In-House seminars
  • All Brokers certified through the AAPL
  • University of Houston Downtown Oil & Gas workshops

Everyone who works through Posey First has made the land profession their career.  We don’t take what we do lightly or for granted.



Martin J. Posey– Has managed projects in ten different states over the past 30 years, including two years experience as an In-house Landman

Joshua D. Posey – Has managed all manner of situations and projects for 10 years throughout the gulf coast region